Tomorrow's free Gemini horoscope

What will April 16 bring you?

Extremely busy, a trip is fast approaching which needs to be properly organized. Prepare for the whole thing not going according to plan or running quite as smoothly as you expect. Remain flexible, open to the vagaries of chance, it’s easy then for you to react quickly to any new circumstances that arise, and everyone appreciates your effort to stay on track.


Be careful you're not overwhelmed by the number of requests made on your time. A popular individual, much in demand, your company is sought after a lot. If you're flexible, it’s easy for you to adjust to new situations, but make sure you allow yourself plenty of space to implement your thoughts, dreams, and plans.


If you experience an uncomfortable exchange of views with colleagues, you’re able to articulate your ideas and express your point of view more successfully than most. Needing to satisfy your hunger for knowledge you're also able to take advantage of every opportunity to improve your capabilities even further.


You're keen to spend your night making-love with somebody new and exciting. If you flirt in the right way, your dreams of spending a night of passionate sex will come true. Take some condoms with you when you go out searching.

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