Tomorrow's free Gemini horoscope

What will June 9 bring you?

Plans are ready to be put into action, don't delay any longer, help is available to you from many sources. React openly to constructive criticism; it is only meant to help you. Do something for your body, pay attention to your diet and develop your fitness with some regular recreational activity. In this way, you’re able to overcome stress.


The attention you receive makes you feel content and confident about your lover. Using the positive way, you feel you express what has been in your heart for so long. If single you receive a positive response from the people you meet that brings positive, lasting change for yourself and the people you're attracted to.


A likable and positive way with others encourages them to give you support when you need it. If you find you're struggling with a difficult task at work, you are offered help and support from the most unlikely source, do not refuse the help that is offered, figure out how you might ensure their on-going support.


Erotic thoughts of love-making overtake you. The way things look, you should enjoy an encounter sometime soon. Dress up in your sexiest clothes and make yourself known. You'd be surprised at how many eager singles are out there waiting to get to know you. What are you waiting for?

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