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What will May 18 bring you?

You are efficient at learning something new, organizing or using existing information, however, your mental capabilities easily get overloaded and leave you feeling more nervous and harassed than normal. If you recognize the signs, find time to relax by yourself, do some recreational activity, get some air or meditate.


Increased clarity enables you to sort out any communication difficulties or disagreements with your partner. You express yourself well and find it easy to put over your point of view. Think through opinions and views that are radically different from your own. Don’t forget your lover has a right to be both heard and considered.


If you do "mental work," you accomplish certain tasks you're given quickly and with determination. Don't be surprised if you must deal with momentous or complex communications. The learning processes you go through aren't beyond your ability, in fact, you find them particularly satisfying and rewarding.


Bursting with sexual energy and ideas you enjoy these feelings to the full. Your suggestive way lets you approach others easily and make you an expert in the art of seduction. You show others your best side and are up for sexual adventures. If you have the desire the road is clear for a one-night stand. It may even turn into something more!

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