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What will June 10 bring you?

You concentrate on several things at once, planning your working day and making progress in the way you direct your energy towards a single goal. This gives you the stamina and perseverance you need to get things underway. Try to win other people over - by doing so you reach your goal even more quickly. Those around you are impressed by your effort.


You achieve much more when you concentrate on a specific course. However, your desire for personal recognition conflicts with your previous declaration of romantic intentions. This inconsistency is unlikely to be very well received by those who you've misled into thinking that you're seriously interested in them.


You feel awkward and insecure about disagreements with others. You attempt to mask your insecurity with arrogant and boastful conduct. You might run the risk of wrongly rejecting the advice of your colleagues which adversely affects important decisions. Your integrity is scrutinized and very much put to the test.


Wait a minute, this is all happening too fast! What a flirt you are! It's obvious you have only one thing in mind: getting the object of your desires into bed. The prospects look good - your attractive appearance and erotic charm would bowl anyone over. If you keep it up, you get what you want.

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