Six of Water

Six of Water

feeling the need to move on. What once interested you has lost its charm, and you’re seeking more meaning and rewards.

The Six of Water is a card related to childhood and nostalgia for the "good old days." You might be looking back, longing for a simpler, more innocent time, or things that are happening to and around you now might be bringing up aspects of your childhood. While it is OK to reminisce, it's not advisable to spend your days lost in memories.

The Six of Cups can relate to children in your life, be they yours or those of friends and family. Children will become an important topic in the near future, and this card can also point to a pregnancy or to being more closely involved with children in the near future.

Your inner child might also need care when the Six of Cups comes up. There are times in your adult life when past hurts will be triggered, and working to heal your inner child, allowing for more play and innocence, and giving your inner child the love and care that you might not have been given during your childhood will help you to move forward in this time.

Generally speaking, the Six of Cups is a very good card. It points to happy thoughts about happy times and bringing more childlike qualities into your present life.

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