Eight of WaterYou’re feeling the need to move on. What once interested you has lost its charm, and you’re seeking more meaning and rewards.

When the Five of Earth comes up, it shows that you might not be feeling secure in your material environment. This sentiment might describe your financial situation or your home life. You are struggling right now and are unsure about whether or not help will be there for you if and when you reach out.

You might feel alone in the world. You might have lost your job. You might find yourself facing poverty, even though you might have tried to avoid it.

This card indicates feeling "thrown out" or unable to access your support group - even though that support group is probably right there for you. On the one hand, this can encourage you to be more self-reliant. On the other hand, though, we all need help from time to time, and you might be holding back from getting help because of your pride of because you don't feel worthy. 

It's OK to accept help when you need it, so long as you don't allow yourself to become overly reliant on others or even to be controlled by their generosity. If you do accept help, make sure that it is on your own terms and that you aren't using someone just for the help they give you.

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