Eight of WaterYou’re feeling the need to move on. What once interested you has lost its charm, and you’re seeking more meaning and rewards.

When this card refers to a situation, it speaks of relationships and/or intuition maturing and becoming more solidified. This is a situation in which you can trust the new person in your life or the intuitive feelings that you have. 

Loving relationships will deepen now. You'll get more understanding from others and be more understanding yourself. 

It's time to think with your heart and not with your head - to extend understanding and empathy to others in your life, especially if they come to you for advice or if you are tempted to judge. Right now, sympathy will go a lot farther than judgment will for you. 

Speaking of empathy and sympathy, you might find others coming to you and opening up to you. You are radiating a calm, receptive energy, and others are drawn to that. Just make sure that you maintain your boundaries, as you might allow yourself to get sucked into the drama of others.

If this card relates to a person, it is someone who embodies the characteristics described above; warm, compassionate, open, empathetic, intuitive, nurturing, caring. The Queen of Cups might be a counselor or healer, a wise and somewhat mature woman whose heart is often in the right place, even if she isn't always so sharp or focused on this plane of existence. She gets things donewith creativity and feeling into what those around her need and desire.

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