Eight of WaterAngel Tarot Card: Nine of Air

You’re feeling the need to move on. What once interested you has lost its charm, and you’re seeking more meaning and rewards.

This card represents competition, diversity, differing opinions. At best, this can point to a group of people who are building off of each others ideas in a positive and constructive way. Even though everyone might not do things the same way or see eye-to-eye, everyone can work together toward a common goal (or goals each person has in common).

In the middle, there is an element of competition - maybe for the same job or for attention that each person thinks he/she deserves. It might take a bit of getting used to all of the hustle and bustle just try to take it lightly and honor the differences of everyone who is involved. Know that the best guy will win.

At worst, this is a card that shows people getting involved in petty arguments and quarrels because they can't agree on a course of action to get to a shared goal. If this is the situation you find yourself in, remember you are the one who controls how you interact with others. You can take the high road and compromise to complete mutual tasks.




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